Top 10 Women’s Health Podcasts

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6 min readJul 12, 2021
Top 10 Women’s Health Podcasts | Best Women’s Health Podcasts

Finding a great podcast through all the noise can be difficult. I love podcasts, so here’s my list of the top 10 women’s health podcasts I love and recommend. I hope you enjoy and love them as much as I do!

Now these are not all by women for women. As long as they cover subjects and have expert guests on women’s health topics, I find them worth the listen.

So in no particular order, here are the top 10 women’s health podcast I love…


Kat Khatibi Podcast on Health, Happiness, & Beauty is a great one. She gets into health and wellness issues for women. She also has great guests on PCOS and hormonal imbalances. You also find psychologists, doctors, researchers, herbalists, and more. Topics include PCOS, Herbalism, hormone friendly diet, Estrogen Dominance, High Testosterone, Hypothyroidism, female hormonal imbalances, ACNE, intermittent fasting, relationships, dating, avoiding plastics, endocrine disruptors, hair health, skincare, sleep, eye health, biohacking, women’s health, and wellness. This is a fun one and she personally answers questions from her audience on podcasts or gets expert guests to answer them. Love how blunt and raw she is. Very open and honest about how she deals with her struggles trying to find a hormone friendly diet and stick to it. I have learned from her podcast how to spot a narcissist and get away from one, diets for PCOS, how to reverse Endometriosis, she had these amazing must-have-tips on how to fix or protect your gut when you have a cheat meal, and she has hilarious dating advice. You can find out more on Kat by visiting her website,

Top 10 Women’s Health Podcasts | Best Women’s Health Podcasts


PCOS Diva Podcast with Amy Medling is a wonderful podcast. Let’s face it women are having hormonal issues now more than EVER before in history. We are all out of wack. Amy interviews great guests on PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and female hormonal imbalances. Fertility struggles, to hormonal weight gain this is the podcast for you.


The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast is another great one. Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is a national treasure. Her husband is great comic relief even though he speaks a mile a minute. While this podcast talks about everything under the sun, Lauryn asks the questions we were all thinking and dying to know. I love how she makes her guests clarify important tips and goes over them until we all understand. She really knows how to squeeze the most knowledge out of her guests. She also has fun episodes where you learn nothing, but have a great time. Those have their place too! Some great things I’ve learned from their podcast: skincare, how to depuff, and I especially loved learning the French way to eat from her bestie, Ingrid De La Mare — Kenny. Who’s also got a podcast that didn’t make the list, but you can find here.


Bulletproof Radio with David Asprey is not specific to women, but hands down has had the biggest impact on my health in areas outside of hormones. Yes, a lot of the diet studies were done on men and post menopausal women, so they don’t apply to women in their fertile years. That being said it’s addressed a lot and overall you get a ton of value for your listening time. My eyes have been saved with my blue blocking glasses. No more eye strain now that I use them to be online. Dave loves gadgets and so do I, so it’s fun to learn all the ways to track your sleep and health. I’ve learned from Dave how to detox after mold exposure, supplements galore, how to live longer, hacking your genes, fasting, peptides, oral health, blood sugar, and on and on.


Dr. Joseph Mercola — Take Control Of Your Health is by the controversial, but lovable Dr. Mercola. One of the first high profile physicians to be deplatformed and unofficially banned. Try searching his name and you’ll find nothing but complete and utter character assassination. I’m here to tell you that I have been able to self heal myself using tons of information found on his hard-to-find website. It’s sad he can’t speak freely, but the good he’s done is undeniable. Especially for those of us the traditional medical community has abandoned. I’m ever grateful to him for sharing information on how to easily and cheaply heal yourself from all sorts of conditions. Now of course it doesn’t work for everyone or all the time. But when you go to your doctor you’ll never hear them tell you to change your diet to a good diet. What they recommend is approved by lobbyists and pharma. So if this isn’t something you want to hear, then just skip over him. He’s totally not for everyone.


The Dr. Axe Show by Dr. Josh Axe is another great podcast. The not yet, but probably soon to be deplatformed Dr. Axe has a wealth of information on getting healthy. His blog and podcast have been another go-to whenever I’m having any health issues. I was able to not take the horrible pharmaceuticals for reflux caused by stress. I healed so many issues it’s hard to count. Is everything perfect? NOPE! But it’s a great place to start and he backs up his articles with citations that I will read through just be double check nothing was misleading.


Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting Podcast is another great podcast on health. He is so patient when he explains health issues on his youtube videos as well. While, I don’t think everything can be helped with keto, especially for women, he does has hands down epic advice. His explanations of what is going on in the body is invaluable. Because like anything, once you know the rules, you’ll better know how to break them.


The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman, MD by Dr. Mark Hyman is a great podcast on health. He has great episodes on women’s issues like Endometriosis, killing parasites, functional medicine, nutrient deficiencies, regenerative farming, fatty liver, and why normal lab tests are not always normal. A wealth of information and access some of the best expert guests is why his podcast should also be on your podcast subscriptions. While again, not always specific to women’s health, a ton of it will apply to women.


FoundMyFitness with Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. is another podcast for those interested in women’s health. Again, not focused on women, but a ton of important information for women’s health. Now a warning, she is very fast and speaks very technically. It’s not directed to a novice in health and medical terminology. But if you can power passed all that you will come away more empowered to take charge of your health. The more you learn, the less you know is how you tend to feel after her episodes. Do I agree with everything she says? Nope. But same with everyone. It’s a great podcast to get the information then research on it after.


Huberman Lab by Dr. Andrew Huberman is another great podcast on health and wellness. Not specific to women, but to all humans. It’s an interesting and fun scientific dive into health. More than just health, you’ll learn how to learn faster, boost energy, increase metabolism, and control pain. All thing everyone can benefit from. For being a very popular podcast it’s still got all 5 star ratings. So he has managed to not rub anyone the wrong way while stilling giving enough information to get a huge listenership. A very rare thing indeed.


I hope you found my list of the top 10 women’s health podcast I love and recommend valuable to you. I know everyone’s got their own list, but this is mine. Thanks for taking the time and do check them all out. I say give each podcast at least 3 episodes before you make up your mind. No podcast is always perfect all the time. You got to find the golden nuggets. You only need a few great episodes to change your health and change your life.